Monster Magnet @ AB Brussels + Tivoli Utrecht

Two posters for 2 great shows by the almighty Monster Magnet in two great venues.
The Spacelords took us on a Last Patrol on Feb 12th in Brussels' Ancienne Belgique and again the 17th in Utrecht's Tivoli.
Really like the new album, it takes me back 20 years and reminds me of the Superjudge album !
Love that one, and these were the best MM shows i've seen so far. But maybe I just forgot.

As for the posters, I played around with transparants for the first time, which i really liked, and almost every layer has multiple ink colours printed in split fountains.

Oh did I mention there's two posters ? : )

really liked the look without the final red/blue layer, so i kept a few like this

Dinosaur Jr @ Effenaar, Sept 5th 2013

Digital version: 

VzW Ondergronds presents ..

Crossover poster with Captain Jan Siebens for the thrashing giraffe illustration !


I have a pre-order going for a silkscreen of this poster. If you really want one, I suggest you order, I'll keep it running for a little while longer as I intended, 'cause we didn't meet the minimum I set for these yet... fingers crossed.
pre-order rodeofest 2013 poster

Planet Caravan @ Trix : Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats / Asteroid / Condor Gruppe

So after the an awesome Lecherous Gaze show, where Graham fired up his amp during the last songs, I had the idea to try and print 3 posters for the psych/stoner fest at trix two weeks after.
I asked my 2 buddies Arno Van Putte and Gun-T during Danava's show to design a poster for a band of their liking, and I would try to contact those bands.
This is the result after a mad week of emailing, designing, burning screens and printing in my basement. Very proud to present these 3 posters.
design Asteroid by Gun-T, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats by Arno, and Condor Gruppe by me.

Danava + Lecherous Gaze

Some better pics of the Danava / Lecherous Gaze poster.. . i have quite a few of these left, pick one up if you like going hard on some of the best trippy rock i've seen lately.

What a great show. I'm amazed these guys don't play bigger venues...? What's with that ? Next week in Brussels ! DO NOT MISS OUT ! 
I'll post more of the finished poster when I can finally take a descent picture (when the sun has returned)  

Stay tuned, I'm working on some cool projects, hope they work out. Gotta love those deadlines!

Dinosaur Jr poster TRIX, Antwerp 9 feb + De Kreun, Kortrijk 11 feb 2013

118 s/n posters, 3 colors on 200g camelbrown paper

Monster Magnet poster AB, Brussels, 7 dec 2012

121 s/n posters, 4 colors on heavy black paper.