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de la soul

I was going to do the poster for the Gorilla Biscuits show in Antwerp, but something out of my control happened, and I didn't get the job. Sucks, but I got another very nice one...
De La Soul !! how cool is da? :)

this thing is still under construction,
there's too little to watch, and too much to read.
so start scrolling down and check back soon please


I'm working on several new shortfilms, all still in the conceptual phase. I'm doing this at the NIAF in Tilburg, Holland.
I'll put some sketches here, just teasers, don't want to give away too much right now.

more soon!

stop motion

'Haughty as a Swan' was the last film I finished with Niek Castricum
This was made for and produced by S.O.I.L.
We made it at the infamous Beast Animation studio in Brussels.
And then did the post production at the NIAF. Soundtrack was designed by Kris Delacourt.

Some images of older films I made in collaboration with Niek Castricum. If you want to see the shorts, check his site!


This guy's been showing up in my sketchbook a lot lately... it's developping into a disturbing shortfilm I'm sure!
Made this one at a character design workshop.

life giving waters

Cover design for a Life Giving Waters tape release (European tour May 2007).
Limited to 80 numbered copies.
Check out this awesome band from finland on myspace/lifegivingwaters.

-> flyer for a last minute show we organised for LGW,
their show in Leuven got canceled, and we had a couple of days to find another venue, other bands, make a poster and promote the thing. I think maybe 20 people showed up... this is punkrock!

negative approach

Very proud I designed the gigposter for the most intense show I ever witnessed in Hof Ter Lo. (thank you PC!)

richie don't die

January 2007. Demo for my band. Recorded at Studio195.
We made a hundred numbered copies. We still have a few, so if you want one, give us a call or come to a show, see the links for more info.
Used: Black digipacks and a silver spraycan, photocopies for the inlay, printable cd-roms and an Apple pc.


Gigposter for CC Luchtbal and Hof Ter Lo, Antwerp (Dec 2006)