Dinosaur Jr @ Effenaar, Sept 5th 2013

Digital version: 

VzW Ondergronds presents ..

Crossover poster with Captain Jan Siebens for the thrashing giraffe illustration !


I have a pre-order going for a silkscreen of this poster. If you really want one, I suggest you order, I'll keep it running for a little while longer as I intended, 'cause we didn't meet the minimum I set for these yet... fingers crossed.
pre-order rodeofest 2013 poster

Planet Caravan @ Trix : Uncle Acid and the Dead Beats / Asteroid / Condor Gruppe

So after the an awesome Lecherous Gaze show, where Graham fired up his amp during the last songs, I had the idea to try and print 3 posters for the psych/stoner fest at trix two weeks after.
I asked my 2 buddies Arno Van Putte and Gun-T during Danava's show to design a poster for a band of their liking, and I would try to contact those bands.
This is the result after a mad week of emailing, designing, burning screens and printing in my basement. Very proud to present these 3 posters.
design Asteroid by Gun-T, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats by Arno, and Condor Gruppe by me.

Danava + Lecherous Gaze

Some better pics of the Danava / Lecherous Gaze poster.. . i have quite a few of these left, pick one up if you like going hard on some of the best trippy rock i've seen lately.

What a great show. I'm amazed these guys don't play bigger venues...? What's with that ? Next week in Brussels ! DO NOT MISS OUT ! 
I'll post more of the finished poster when I can finally take a descent picture (when the sun has returned)  

Stay tuned, I'm working on some cool projects, hope they work out. Gotta love those deadlines!

Dinosaur Jr poster TRIX, Antwerp 9 feb + De Kreun, Kortrijk 11 feb 2013

118 s/n posters, 3 colors on 200g camelbrown paper